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I'm a Programmer

I help build new worlds for you to enjoy




Gameplay Programming - Unity C#

Are you ready to clean up to the skies in this party COOP Game ? Balance your pod and move it around to clean as much windows as you can. Use the most adapted tools to go faster and be able to go higher !

This game has been developped for 3 weeks by a team of 8 people and was a personal project of ours. We are very proud of the result and hope you enjoy it too !

In this project, I took care of the building's scrolling, the menu, the hazards' spawning and cleaning and some of the the scoring and UI.

Granny's Favourite

Gameplay Programming - Unity C#

Beloved and crazy Granny has passed away but still wanted to have some fun from above. In that matter, her will states that the worthiest of her children gets everything. Time to prove who it is!

Developped during a 3-day game jam session by a group of 10 students, Granny's Favorite is a fun party-game involving 4 players who will have to compete against each other throughout 3 different mini games.

In this project, I took care of the UI, the 8-ball transition and the first mini-game.

Your Highness!

Gameplay & Editor Programming - Unity C#

 As a leader of your country you will have to make decisions which create chaos in the enemy country without making anarchy in your country. Various characters will request a hearing to expose the problems of your country, you have to make good decisions to solve them. Will you be a good leader?

This is my first mobile game. It was tough to be casual and entertaining, with a narrative tree and different choices and ending depending on your answers. We were two programmers on this project, and we both did a bit of everything.


Additional Programming - Unreal

Mirror is a narrative game in first person in which you play as Eugène Delacroix in the year 1886. You wake up in your room and you can't remember the last thing you did.You see a mysterious bloodstain near your bed, and your detective curiosity takes the lead...


It's an aborted project, we couldn't do what we wanted in the time we had, but I had the chance to use Unreal for the first time.

Deer's Adventure

Graphist/Additional Programming - Unity C#

A series of mini-game surronding a deer trying to survive. There are three mini-games, and the pacing is like a WarioWare, in which the mini-games don't stop until you loose all your life stocks.

I was mostly a graphist on this project, so every graphic asset was done by me, save for the mini-games backgrounds. I still did a bit of programming, mostly the menu's programming.

Time Escape

Assistant programmer - Unity C#

Time escape is a die and retry, speed run type of game.

As the player, you play a time traveler who needs to escape from a factory. You can dash and have the capability to teleport back on your "ghost", which follows you, doing exactly the same movements as you, only two seconds later.

This game is a student project make in one week in a team of seven.
I worked as a assistant programmer on this project. I did the enemy's movement and everything surronding the ghost mecanic. I also did a bit of level design.